With kind blessing and profound good wishes we have the honour to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of lethal arms wiz. M.L. weapons of repute including Replica arms of mediaeval age in state of Rajasthan and our fore fathers were the armourers and hand crafting M.L. weapons for the erstwhile ruling in India princes in India during British Rule and after abolishing the princely rule in Rajasthan and whole over India after independence our National Govt. instituted and after taking charge our national Govt. allowed us to manufacturer and export M.L. weapons and replicas thereof and after that we started manufacturing the same and we thought to look for export market and approached to the merchant exporters to explore the foreign market they were already established in the foreign trade and they explored the demand thereof and we are working with them for several years till todate but now we wish to establish our ownself in the foreign market with our product with the idea to curtail the middle men’s profit in the interest of buyers as well as to push our right product in the foreign market in the cheaper rate as well as to snatch the foreign market entirely to their satisfaction and throw it in the international market freely without any hitch and hesitation qualitatively and also would you please note that replicas under question offered by us would be duly rendered innocous entirely by eliminating(blocking) the hut screw for using the same firearms.

However, we are furnishing herewith the photographs thereof for your kind approval and favour of plancing with us a sample trial order as to enable us to serve you. On hearing from your kind self we will quote our best competitive prices to suit you.


Always at your servise we remine, Dear Sir.
Thanking you anticipation
Your’s faithfully
Rajasthan Armoury